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ARMS & Dance Therapeutics Upper Body Workshops in LA! with Deb Rubin


Please join me for this double whammy of a workshop day. 
Topics chosen by overwhelming requests by you ladies. And they go perfectly together! So let's deep dive into therapeutics, technique and artistry, for a fun Saturday dance day at the Loft. 
(tea and chocolate provided as well!)

FEB 6th, 2016. 
$50 each, or $80 for both SPECIALTY topics. 
Paypal to reserve your spot. 
Upon receipt of registration, address will be sent! 

Dance Therapeutics UPPER BODY FOCUS: 12p-2pm. 
(*one of my most requested workshops worldwide)

In this workshop, we will focus on unlocking and balancing upper spine, ribs, shoulders, neck, and side body. Drawing from both the ancient wisdom of Yoga Therapy, and leading-edge Somatics and Fascial research, I've developed this material to serve the specific strains and movement patterns of the tribal fusion belly dancers, and dramatically unlock and balance that traditionally stuck upper thoracic and shoulder girdle, for greater range of motion and artistic expression in any dance form. These practices will create more space and flexibility in the upper body, spine, and shoulders to directly support your belly dancing posture, arms, isolations, flexibility, and articulation of movement in order to create slinkier, more controlled slow movements; as well as tried-and-true therapeutic practices for neck/shoulder injuries, muscle tightness, and ‘cool down’. All of this will be directly applied to tribal belly dance technique and stylization, as well as contemporary armwork. Some integrative anatomy is included. Great for fire dancers, hoop dancers, yoga teachers as well!
*Bring Yoga mat and layers for warmth. 

Elegant ARMS 2:30-4:30p
After unlocking and balancing the upper back, ribs, neck, and shoulder girdle in the previous workshop, now we are ready to dive into dance and give intensive focus to our arms. In this workshop, we will give intense focus on arms, shapes, and articulating from the head to the fingertips, helping to embody the slinkiest, most expressive, intentional dancing and posturing possible, and highlight your body movements—dancing at any tempo. We will also explore the choice of movement or stillness in the ARMS as ways to consciously express emotionality, intention, and character in your dancing. I will deconstruct the anatomy of snake arms, offer my favorite training techniques, and biomechanics breakdown for the slinkiest, most graceful, controlled arm work. We will also play with contemporary armwork patterns, framing, and expressing emotionality through arms.