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MAS presents Theatrical FUN-damentals with Sooz & Jenn

  • Movement Art Space 3326 Verduo Rd. Los Angeles, CA 90065 (map)

MAS presents our May Master Class~
Theatrical FUN-damentals with Sooz and Jenn! 

Friday, May 13th, 2016

In this two hour workshop we will discuss how to incorporate classical theatre training and performance fundamentals (emphasis on fun) into your dance choreographies to create a dynamic performance whether you are part of a group or soloist, through improv exercises, costume variations and music choices. Be ready to Dig deep and let your inhibitions go as we help you take your dance to the next level with creative story telling and drama, drama DRAMA! 

About Sooz~ She's awesome and has years of theatrical and performing experience to share along with a nurturing and hilarious approach to be students at ease and in laughter. 

About Jenn~ Jenn Aguilar has always had a knack for entertaining. As a youngling participating in various elementary school talent shows and in the occasional spontaneous musical number at the local grocery store, not only embarrassing herself but her mother as well, to her yearly county fair contest entry, winning the blue ribbon for biggest tomato, you could say she was destined to make an ass of herself for the benefit of others for years to come!It was no surprise that in the years to follow she found herself as a belly dancer at the Southern California Renaissance Pleasure Faire in 2008 with tribal fusion group Oojahm! She had found it! A place in which to express her professional goofballery with the best of them! It is also here she found who would be her sensei in the comedic arts one, Sooz Tribal joining the world renowned A.T.S group Bella Luna Dance Company! Opening her up to a whirlwind of others who reveled in personal adornment, false eyelashes, glitter and Dubstep, lots and lots of Dubstep! In an effort to take all of this a bit more seriously she has since joined Qabila Folkdance Company under the direction of Bellydance Superstar Aubre Hill! I KNOW, RIGHT?! She is also founder & Director of Operations of The Red Moon Dance Company. A quartet of monstrous tribal fusion dancers featured at Knotts Scary Farms Halloween Haunt!