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Pirate Invasion of Belmont Pier 2016

  • Belmont Pier - Long Beach 39th Place @ E. Ocean Front Walk Long Beach, California 90803 (map)

Avast me Hearties..! Join Captain Morgan, Harry Firstmate and Captain Valentino as the Pirates be comin’ to Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier,
Saturday & Sunday June 25th & 26th, 2016.

100's of Pirates, wenches, scallywags, buccaneers, and mermaids.
Tharrr be music, song, dance, floggings, live theatre, grog, the Booty Lounge, and much more to entertain ya.

Shop for treasures at the pirate market, well stocked with booty from the
7 Seas.

Twice a day you be seeing the cannon battles as the pier will be attacked by local marauders, and pirates clashing with sword and pistol fighting over treasure and wenches.

Visit the pirate village with hundreds of costumed scallywags and wenches.

* 25 new moorings now available for the Pirate Fleet.
* Pirate Fleet
* Boat moorings
* Booty Lounge (on the beach)
* Pirate Bar
* Mermaids
* Belly Dancers
* Captain Jack Sparrow
* Captain Morgan and MAGIC DRAGON
* Pirate encampments
* Wench Floggings
* More wench floggings
* Celebrity Pirates
* Pirate Hoosegow for naughty wenches
* Vessel Valentino
* More Mermaids
* Cannon fire
* Scallywags and Scallywenches
* Black Powder Presentations
* Sword Fights & Pirate Battles
* Parade of Pirates
* Pirate Ship Attacks Pier
* Pirate Costume Contest
* Fire Dancers
* Authentic Pirate Encampments
*Food, Grog and Rum on Belmont Veterans Memorial Pier
* Family, kid friendly event..

Admission: FREE - Food, Beverage and Merchandise for sale. Be tharrrr...!