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Intro Saidi with Cane Workshop with Zahra

  • DanceGarden LA 3191 Casitas Ave, Suite 112, Los Angeles, 90039 (map)

Assaya is a stick or cane used in Egyptian folk dances of Upper Egypt (southern Egypt), known as the Said (Saeed). Raqs is the Arabic word for Dance. Traditionally, the Saidi men carried large staffs (called Tahtiyb) with them which they used as weapons, and eventually a folk dance developed where the men would mock fight with the long sticks. Women then began dancing with canes as a way of playfully imitating the men's dance, and eventually Raqs al Assaya, or "cane dance" developed into a distinct women's dance.

In this workshop Zahra will explain the rhythm, steps and styling of Saidi music, adding the use of a cane. Saidi Cane Dancing is a great addition to every bellydancers repertoire!

Bring a cane! Don't have one? No worries, we have several to share!
All levels welcome! A solid foundation in Bellydance Basics recommended.

$50 for both workshops (Zahra + Jenna!) by midnight on 1/5/2018 • $60 for both workshops after that
$30 for one workshop by midnight on 1/5/2018 • $35 for one workshop after that