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LA Raqs presents "Prop Play" August Hafla

On Friday, August 26th, we had a group of both familiar and new performers join us to share their dance creations with different props for the "Prop Play" hafla.

We had both fusion and traditional raqs sharqi represented that night, as well as a number of group pieces that showed off very creative use of props.

Our August performers included Heather Shoopman, who danced with feathers; Qabila Folkdance Company performing Saidi; Melissa Sanchez, who did single handed veil work; Aubre and the Spears (the MAS BD II Sword class); Stefanie Mari, who danced with fan veils; Jayna and her MAS class performing with circular veils; Sarineh, who joined us for the first time performing with Shamadan and finger cymbals; Alia performing a pot dance; MAS BDT performing a group veil choreography; and LeelaBellydance Productions performing "Java Jive" with their unique coffee inspired props.