Mésmera grew up in San Diego, CA, where her
childhood was all about movement: swimming,
gymnastics, baton twirling, water ballet, hiking and
cookouts, all under the initiative of her father, Coach
Rose. Whenever the men were not around and the
desire hit, her aunt, grandmother and mother would put
on music and dance. Discovering Modern Dance in High
School fanned the spark in Mesmera, yet it was not until
10 years later, when she saw her first bellydancer, that
her passion for the dance became her passion for life.

Spinning her veils through 25 years of classes,
performances, seminars, videos, festivals, film and TV
credits, celebrity parties and directing Troupe
Mesmerasha has shaped her into a dancer with depth
and intent. Her articulate clarity of movement carries
through to her teaching ability, making the learning
experience most satisfying.

Mesmera encourages and empowers freedom of
movement in dance as a creative paradigm for life. She
draws from many sources: archetypes, geometry,
anatomy, kinesiology, colors, Deities, animals and
Nature. She integrates knowledge, awareness and Spirit
and actively generates the embodiment of these
elements with her students. The grace with which she
blends heart and consciousness is inspiring, joyful and
vital, bringing her entertainment art to a moving
experience for her audience as well as her students.
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"Be gentle and patient with your body's
learning process and you can learn so
much about yourself. Bellydance is a
gateway through which we dance into
an enhanced sense of self and an artful
interaction with life. How vital the

CLIP: Finger Cymbals with Mesmera

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